Okay guys, just looking for a little feedback, thoughts, or general comments……

I’m in the market for a new ride and have been looking hard at a new Turbo 4 seater or the Turbo S 4 seater. At this point I’m leaning towards the Turbo S, as you just get so much more and there is less to upgrade when you get it home!!

Now the main question, I’m in a position that I don’t “need” a new rig just yet but obviously it would be nice! lol So with that in mind, I’ve been really weighing the option of waiting to see what happens for 2020. A guy should know what’s going on by the end of July, but……is it really worth it???

Do I expect big changes…….no, but obviously any new upgrades, colors or new options would be nice, if they all work.

Positives of a 2019,
– I’m in a new rig and get to enjoying it!
– Can get the color I want
– Obviously it will be a great machine
– Price is right
– Seem to be proven, very little issues on the Turbo S

Negatives of a 2019
– Could make some changes to 2020 models ?…….maybe?

Positives of a 2020
– Updates ?
– New colors (good or bad?)

Negatives of 2020
– Price could go up?
– Availability / may have to wait ?
– New colors (good or bad?)
– Updates or upgrades could mean growing pains or issues ?

Anyways, like I said just looking for a little feedback and see what other guys thoughts are.


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