I am getting very low HRs on my belts. I see some say 100-200 hrs is bad. I’m get about 21hrs. Here is the records.

Used 2013 RXR 900XP. Maybe 500lbs with all accessories and both passengers. Stock tire size. Very aggressive driving style.

New to me @ 35hr 450 miles.

Belt @ 40hr 590 miles. Pismo.
Installed Gates standard

Oil, filter & lube 47hr 710 miles

Belt @ 51hr 750 miles. Desert.
Installed Gates carbon

Installed belt fan, removed clutch limiter, Recall @ 61hr 911 miles

Belt @ 81hr 1240 miles. Pismo.
Installed Gates carbon

The only thing is see with the primary is the weights are a little sticky. The bushing for the weights seam to slide out and drag on the basket. Their is no groves or marring. Do I have to replace the entire CVT system? Can I replace just the bushings? It looks like the belt doesn’t ride all the way up the primary and I top out around 50-55mph. Also, I am a cheap skate.

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