Being in the market for a new RZR I did some searches and there have been several mentions of Abernathy in Union City, Tennessee. They seem to have amazing prices even after figuring in the transport costs from Tennessee back home to Utah. For some reason they say I have to pick it up and cant use a shipping company.

Before I commit to a 22 hour drive each way, I would love to hear some feedback about buying experience using them. Any hidden costs or surprises I should know about?

Lastly for the folks that have made a long trip to pick one up, and advice? Initially I thought about flying in and renting a suv or truck and flatbed trailer from Uhaul. The whole deal of renting one location and dropping off at another makes it pretty expensive. The cheapest method for me seems to be driving each way. Not ideal by myself but I have more available time then money. If I’m missing a option please let me know.

Thanks in advance for any feedback

Utah RZR Rentals