A while back I purchased a Rugged intercom, accessories and an Alpha Bass headset. Bought one because I wanted to see how well they held up and of course I could always buy another. Anyhow, I posted here about the position of the 5 pin cable mount. Took some pictures as well. I was PM’d here from Rugged and was asked if I’d spend a little time and give my input on a fix for the cable mount. Of course I said yes, I’m always willing to help make things better in this sport! Joe contacted me and we discussed several things. As Camp RZR was approaching I expected them to be gearing up for that so I didn’t expect a lot of back and forth until that passed. I went to Camp RZR for the day and spoke to some of the guys at the Rugged booth about a separate issue. What great people to talk to! I was there early in the AM so I got to talk to the guys for a while without interrupting their work flow.

About a week after Camp RZR Joe hits me up via email and asks if I would test out a headset with the “fix”. I said sure, I had two long rides coming up on sequential weekends and I told him that would be perfect to put the new product thru it’s paces. A few days later I receive an Alpha Bass headset with the 5 pin cable installed in a different position. As the original was rubbing on my harness when turning my head to the left I was thrilled when I found that just this little change made a huge difference. No longer was the headset coming up off of my left ear when I looked left. I used that headset for about 270 miles of riding then I got back to Joe. In my opinion it was a winner! Simple fix and I felt honored to be asked my opinion and to help test the fix. Rugged is on the ball and they really do try to keep close to what’s going on in the community. They’ve succeeded from my perspective.

Joe emailed me back and told me to keep the headset as a token of appreciation for helping them out. They were redesigning based on my feedback. My friends that know me know I’m not one of those guys that is rendered speechless, but at that point I was! I didn’t expect that from Rugged. As nice as it was to get free gear I’m more honored that they would ask my humble opinion. Rugged has treated me like a VIP customer from the instant I bought my gear at the Sand Show in Scottsdale this year. I’ve seen them at Camp RZR dealing with other customers and they treat everyone that way. What a great way to do business! My company lives and dies by customer service and I am impressed at how a large company such as Rugged is able to treat their customers in such a fantastic manner.

As an aside, I had two choices regarding my RZR. Buy a big badass stereo or do car to car/intercom. I ride with a good group of people who talked me into car to car/intercom and I couldn’t be happier. I made the right choice. Being warned that we have oncoming traffic as we’re riding makes our rides much safer. And with my 660+ intercom and Alpha Bass headsets I still get to listen to that thumpin’ music I like and get the thumpin’ experience. I chose well. Thanks to all at Rugged, Merry Christmas!!!!

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