So I have a 2016 xp 1000 4 with the stock bighorns which are such TOTAL crap. 1200 miles and the tires are completely roached. Not to mention the 20+ plugs that have been holding them together.

I ride mountain trails that are fairly rocky (loose sharp rocks, kinda like shale).

So question 1 is recomendations on some new tires.

And question 2 is can I put 30″ on the rears ONLY or would that just make it weird/unstable/etc (I want to milk the fronts for a bit longer if I can). I don’t want to buy new rims either. I’m also not sure at what point clutching needs to be addressed due to changing tire size, which I don’t want to do.

It would be nice to get some more lift as I always bottom out the rear end no matter what setting the suspension is at – especially when riding with more than 2 people.

Appreciate the suggestions!

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