last week we had an attempted theft of a RZR and Ranger. and the theft of a GMC diesel truck and race car trailer. nothing new except these were my next door neighbors. one neighbor is right next door and the other right behind me.and the truck was across the street, the trailer was stolen from another town.

first I am going to describe what we think happened.
the Truck was taken sometime around midnight and shows up on video at the wrecker yard where the race car trailer was stolen from. then sometime after that the thieves or theif returned to our town and parked down the block, our block consists of lots divided in the back yard by a grass “alley way” 6 lots side by side on either side of the alley.
they then pushed next door neighbors RZR thru his back yard into the alley, this is the interesting part they removed his keyswitch form the RZR (this is where the RZR was found)

other neighbors Ranger was pushed out of the garage into the driveway and the key switch was removed from it.
the ranger was left in the driveway.

the RZR had a dead battery so I figure the thief tried to start it with another keyswitch and since the battery was dead he moved onto the next target my neighbor with the Ranger, now the 18 ranger has a different switch than the RZR so he abandoned it. also the truck and trailer were abandoned where they parked it to load the SXS’s into the trailer.

nothing in my yard was touched, my RZR sits under a carport and there were 2 ATV’s sitting in my yard, still nothing was touched.
I firmly believe my security cameras outside and under the carport is what kept the thief (thieves) from messing with my RZR or the ATV’s.
there are other things that point towards the thief knowing about the cameras plus I have 2 dogs but the neighbor with the Ranger has outside dogs.

local LEO’s came out and did a report/investigation but thats about as far as it went. we have a good idea who the low life is it’s just a matter of time before he is caught.

its funny how a couple of small things can ruin a thiefs night…dead battery and the wrong key switch…lol

anyway I never leave my keys in mine and it is usually in my building locked up but whenever I am working on something it sits under the carport with a few additional security measures.
one is a camera that is pointed directly at it and close enough to see anything, second I usually chain it to the carport or any other machines I may be waiting to work on and finally a couple of pad locks thru the brake rotors!

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