Who has used a low-buck, budget/China/FleaBay light bar with good results? We don’t use our RZRs much at night, and when we do we don’t bomb the desert at 80 MPH like a Trophy Truck. It makes it hard to justify a $1,500 light bar. I really don’t like to cut-corners, and our build shows that. But I really just don’t think we need a top-dollar light bar.

In the past I’ve tried a few FleaBay bars, from $60-300. The $60 was kind of the POS you’d expect, and the middle section didn’t light up. They offered to swap it free, but I never got around to it before the Turbo RZR it was on got rolled.

I had a bar on my XP1000 that was something like $80-100 and it always worked really well. In fact, back when I bought it I still has my XP 900 that had a real Rigid on it. Now, the Rigid was 4-5 years old at the time. Side-by-side at night, I honestly didn’t think the Rigid was any better, maybe a little “different” but I didn’t think I could see better with it. My BIL has that RZR now, and the light bar is still going strong.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what brand or whatever that bar was, and I can’t find it in my FleaBay history.

When the Turbo got rolled, I bought a ~$180 FleaBay bar, and it seemed just fine, but not really any better than the ~$100 bar.

So, before I just order something random off of FleaBay, I thought I’d see if y’all have some favorites. I’m willing to pay a little more for something quality, especially if it’s US-made… but I don’t think I’ll be getting a $1,500 bar for this build…


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