I’m looking to buy a new UTV, more than likely a RZR. I currently have a 2015 Can Am Maverick Xrs that I have put duel rate springs on for a better ride. It’s great at 25 and 30 mph but 95% of the time I’m at a slower 15 mph on rocky tails. I mainly ride places like Windrock and Brimstone. Also looking for something a little quieter. But I think anything with the motor out of the cab will help there.

What’s your opinion on the best riding and most comfortable riding Polaris out there. Just trying to figure out if it’s worth upgrading.

I’ve been looking at the Polaris XP1000 LE rock and tail edition. I like it because of what comes on it like winch and high rise lower arms. Things I put on my Maverick that I would like to have on a new one. Just not sure if the rock and tail edition would give me the best ride. Anyone have any experience with it. Having a hard time finding any good reviews on the rock and tail edition.

My plan is to get one and not have to add anything to it. Other than a roof and extended fender flares. Which RZR would work best? I’ve never owned or rode in a Polaris. I don’t won’t to throw a extra 5k again at one to make the ride smoother.

Any info would be great. Thanks.

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