I wanted to take a minute to thank EMP for their outstanding customer service. At the beginning of last week I called them to see if they had a full-size windshield in stock for my RZR. I called to make sure it was in stock because I was hoping to get it before the weekend. This was on Monday, but with it only needing to go from Ohio to south east Michigan, I figured it would arrive quickly and I would have it in time for my ride. They confirmed they had it and said they would make sure it would go out that day to ensure it arrived in time.

I tracked the package on Tuesday to see when it would arrive and noticed that while it had the correct name and street address, it said it was going to Rhode Island. That didn’t make any sense, so I called UPS and they said that there was an error, but the shipper would need to correct it. I called EMP and they corrected it in the UPS system and I received an email from UPS saying that the address was corrected and the package would be re-routed directly to me. No problem, it was only Tuesday and the package hadn’t left the shipping depot in Ohio, so it would still arrive on time.

Fast forward to Wednesday. I get an email from UPS telling me that due to the heavy snow storm in the north east, my package was delayed. I called UPS and asked why the storm was delaying my package when it was going from Ohio to Michigan. He explained that because there was an address correction it had to go to the original destination and then be re-labeled and re-routed back to me. That wasn’t good. It was now likely I wouldn’t get the windshield in time for the weekend.

I called EMP and told them what happened and asked if I could purchase a second windshield so it would arrive before the weekend and return the original at my expense when it finally arrived. The lady I spoke with (sorry, can’t remember her name) was extremely nice and told me that it was their error to begin with since they entered the wrong zip code, so she would ship another to me immediately without me having to buy a second one and she would take care of getting the original back to them.

In the end – the replacement windshield arrived on Thursday and I was able to get it installed on my machine before the weekend. EMP could have easily asked me to wait for the original to be re-routed, but they went the extra mile to make sure I had a windshield for the weekend. I really appreciate them helping me out.

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