Okay, so I am looking at buying a RZR and selling my 570 touring. I’ve ran across a couple used 2012 XP Ranger RZRs and a 2011 for sale. All three under $10k. I haven’t searched overly hard yet, those just happen to be in the local area (Oklahoma City). Now, I’m not ruling out a new one, But I am curious on who has bought a used RZR and what if any issues you had. I know that unless you know the previous owner you really have no idea how its been treated, but $10k fits the pocket book pretty well on a shorter loan term. But since I am new to the RZR world, I figure I’ll throw it out there to yall and get some feed back on experiences buying used and any years or models to stay away from or common issues to look for. Thanks for any replies.

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