Hey guys, I’m looking to purchase a RCV one piece prop shaft soon. My stock driveline is trashed. Anyone have any input on which version to choose, the regular chromoly (I think) version of the carbon fiber version? I’m not a racer or anything, only am avid trail rider.
I have about 1200 miles on my 2017 RZR XP1000 Ride Command. I’ve already done the suspension therapy stage 4 spring kit and quite a few other bits, if that matters.

I’m also looking for a good place to purchase whichever option I go with. I’m definitely interested in saving a bit of cash if I can.

Seems like this is the best driveshaft offered right now, considering the elimination of the carrier bearing and maintenance free design. I plan on putting many, many miles on it.

What do you guys think? I’d also like to say that this forum and the people here have been immensely helpful. I really appreciate you all! Thanks again!

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