In the market for a nice used 2015+ 900s. Just wanted to get some opinions on things as I try to wade thru the gauntlet of buying used.
I fully understand that region is a huge factor and that 10 different people will produce 11 different opinions :grin, but looking for other people’s perspective on this.

When to negotiate price, not talking about lowballing, but lets say someone is selling one for $11,000 and you would like to offer $10,000. Do you negotiate the price before you go see the bike or wait til you have time to look it over and check the condition? When I sell stuff on craigslist and so forth, I usually prefer to negotiate price once someone has came and inspected the bike as, to me, it represents earnest interested in actually buying it rather than someone just shopping for a bargain, but I’ve met plenty of sellers that say you should work out the price before wasting their time showing off the bike. Thoughts?

What would you consider lowballing? This is obviously very subjective due to the condition of the bike, but most seller’s have a point where they are offended by the offer (lowballing), but most sellers also have a “standard practice” for pricing things. What would you consider a “lowball offer”? 10% under asking price? $25% under asking price? Myself, I usually price things with at least 10% wiggle room, it just seems to work better to me, even if I have to set the initial price higher. Thoughts?

I know, its all highly subjective, but perspectives help and hey, its Monday… :grin

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