OK, so here’s the scenario:
1) 4 weeks ago I started my 2013 RZR XP 4 900 after storing and these 4 codes (520268, 520269, 520270, and 520271-Engine Idle Control) popped up with the Check Engine light….

2) The problem was a varmint chewed spark plug wire that I replaced.
After I replaced that, my rig has run fine. Idles normal and runs with no throttle issues.

3) EXCEPT…….
a) I can’t get those codes to clear or the Check Engine light off…..(disconnected battery for 2+ hours)
b) On a hunting trip earlier this week, my EPS went down 2x and Steering Wheel light with the “!” turned on. Stopped my rig, turned off the ignition, and restarted………PROBLEM GONE…..(temporarily, at least)…..

– Anyone know how to reset the computer or reset Check Engine Light codes?

-Anyone know what might cause EPS to go out all of a sudden, then reset when the ignition is turned off and restarted?

Thanks for any info you can provide!

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