Looking for some input. I have a 2016 Polaris RZR XP41000. I am the original owner and have about 1200 miles on it now. Since the day I owned it – pretty regularly when riding the ‘check engine’ light comes on and it goes in limp mode. If I stop and turn it off/basically reset the machine, when I turn it back on the ck engine light is still on but it is usually out of limp mode – if I ride for a few minutes the light goes off too.

Frustrating because it will happed 2-3 times per ride. Ck engine light/limp mode and you have to stop and restart everything.

I have had it to the dealer more times then I can count – they can’t find anything wrong? Yet after two years and 1200 miles it still happens?

Anyone else ever have this problem? Only thing I did change was the battery – few people told me it just might be a low voltage issue. But it still happens.

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