Well as much as I hate to, I’m considering a new to me truck. Was going riding the other day and going into 20+ mph head wind towing the rzr (12ft trailer) and the Tacoma was struggling more than normal on hills and even on some flatter areas in the gusts. Now i’m not knocking the old girl, for a 08 with 120k miles shes got lots of life left in her. But we are wanting in the coming year/years to look at doing some trips to go ride and I’m not sure how I feel about towing with it to Colorado/New Mexico or Kentucky or maybe Tennessee plus I welcome some added room.

So, before anyone gets started on the whole if you don’t buy a diesel you’re wasting money bit. I am well aware of how much better diesels are for towing. I owned a duramax about 10 or 12 years ago. While I have not ruled out a diesel, I’m just focusing on a gas truck right now, probably 1/2 ton. I also don’t have any brand loyalty so I don’t need to hear about how you hate whatever brand if you’ve never owned one.

So what I would like, if yall could be so kind is to let me know how your gasser is holding up with towing and mileage. Any known problems that affect certain brands/years/models to look out for? Maybe things you’ve seen on fleet vehicles at work or close family/friends or personal experience. I’m probably going to be looking in the 2009-2012 years. Going to try and keep the payment as low as possible with selling/trading in my Tacoma. Got a daughter in college still so the idea of a much newer truck is out right meow. Most I have seen in price range are at or near 100k miles. I don’t think a 100k on a vehicle today is what it used to be when I was growing up. My company truck (15 F150 ecoboost) as well as my Tacoma and my daughters car (nissan) all have over a 100k. My wife’s old Mazda cx9 had 175k when we traded it. Only problem we ever had was when I hit a big ass tumble weed in New Mexico and jacked up the radiator. So I say I have no brand loyalty, but you’ll see a pattern that we drive foreign. Yeah, I know ‘murica, but its more coincidence than preference. My top choices I tend to lean towards right now when looking have been Tundra and Ram followed by everything else. I’m looking extended cab, so all the doors opening normal on those is a plus and HP and TQ is there with the two bigger engines. I haven’t seen a lot of Tundras for sale around here lately though. Dodges and Chevy seem to be the most prevalent available when looking. Anyways, thanks in advance for any info.

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