I previously posted some questions about aligning the upper and lower cage sections after chopping 4″ out of the rear of the cage. I was able to pull the lower bars together enough to align them with the upper section and pull it down over the sleeves. Of course, I ended up putting the straps too close to the joint, so I will have to lower them before welding. I have a couple of more questions.

  1. The back side of the tube is tight with no gap, but the front has about 1/8″ gap. Will this be an issue? Do I need to try to loosen the cage to get it to align better? My concern isn’t as much the strength of the weld, but more will it look straight once I clean up the welds and paint the cage.
  2. As you can see in the pictures, the upper section is offset from the lower section about the thickness of the tube. Will pulling the lower section in a bit tighter fix this issue, or is it because of the angle of the tubes? I’m trying to find the best way to align these so I have a clean joint once it is painted.

I really appreciate all of the help this forum has provided. I certainly wouldn’t have thought of chopping my cage without seeing it done here first.


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