Hi, I’m looking at the 50″ wide trail versions of the Rzr with either the 570 or 900 engine. I’ve got some questions and will be looking for any tips or recommendations. I hope to purchase one sometime in the next month or maybe sooner.

First, reliability and durability are more important to me than power. The 570 looks like it would have adequate power, but I’ve got a Sportsman 800 EFI ATV right now, and I must admit, the power is really nice. That said, which has a better reputation for reliability?

Here are a few more questions.

Which engine gets better fuel economy? I know from experience with boats that sometimes the smaller engine actually works harder and uses more fuel. Is that the case here, or does the 570 tend to be more efficient?

I”m planning on getting the Glacier plow system. I’ve got it on my Sportsman, and it really works well without interfering with ground clearance or without having anything protruding. Does the Glacier system on the Rzr protrude or interfere with approach angle or ground clearance?

Do all Rzrs have turf mode, or is that another version? That’s one thing I’d love to have, as I’d be on roads a little bit with this machine. It would be nice to have an open rear differential in those situations.

How is the leg room? I’m 6’5″ tall and I remember sitting in one of these once, and it felt pretty good. It has been awhile, though. Any tall riders out there who find it comfortable?

I’m sure I’ll have more questions, but these should get me going. I’m trading in my Sportsman 800, so the 570 might decide for itself if they don’t offer me much. If anyone in Indiana is looking for a cherry 2005 800 EFI Sportsman SP with winch, plow, and alloy wheels, let me know. It only has 525 miles and 97 hours on it. It has only been on the trail once. The rest of the time, it has been on a gravel road and plowing my driveway. It has had zero mechanical issues. Otherwise, I’ll be just trading it in.

I’m looking forward to learning as much as possible over the coming weeks. This looks like a great forum with some great people participating in it!

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