I’m looking into my first rzr. Looking at buying new most likely. My first question was4 or 2 seater. I’m learning towards 2 seater because only every now and then would I want to take my daughter and girlfriend. My dealer said to go 2 seater because they tend to do everything better and are more fun. For models, I’m looking at 1000xp, 1000xp rock and result trails edition, turbo standard and turbo fox edition. I’m debating if the rock and tails edition and fox edition turbo model is worth the extra money over standard. I don’t really know whatI’m going to do with it yet. I live in northern california so we have rock crawling, desert and sand dunes nearby. I’m looking for the most diverse. My dealer said to get the turbo. It doesn’t sacrifice on the rocks but power for the sand. My wallet and lack of experience with one says 1000xp and build from there. I test drove a rock and trail 1000 and a turbo. The turbo scared the crap out of me…. lol. I’m not in love with colors is the turbo standard but i love the black and red on 1000xp and the turbo fox edition. Any guidance for the all around rzr fir a first time user?

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