I was pumping some grease into the control arms on one of my toys, a Raptor 700, and while I try to feel for the spot where there’s just a little more resistance and I know to stop, I managed to pump a little more than I should have. I heard a distinct pop and a tiny bit of old grease came out of one part on the bushing.
Is she blown? Do I need to replace? It’s just a control arm and it happens to be banged up from an accident as it is, so I’m not overly concerned about wearing her out prematurely, but it’s got 26 hours on it total.

Can anyone comment if I should replace preemptively or just ride it out? I have greased the RZR and never heard any seals blow out even when I see grease oozing out of them, so I’m not sure what to make of this. Thanks.

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