Hello everybody! I have a 2010 Rzr 800 S. I bought mine in May with 2500mi and 350 hours (they claimed the transmission was just professionaly rebuild and brand new front rear diff) the bike is in pretty well condition, no leaks or anything. I ordered the AGL, Angle drive, and Demand drive fluid kit from amazon and put correct amounts into front/rear diff, transmission and transfer case and I like to tilt the bike a little and get an extra pump or two into the component as long as it won’t cover the vent line.

After my inlaw bought a 2012 800 S a couple weeks ago we checked out all his fluids. Well I found his transfer case fluid low and we added AGL to it.

Well I was in my shop a couple days later and decided to check out all of my fluids. Everything was looking good and when I pulled the transfer case fill bolt (where it was weaping out when I serviced/added new fluid a couple months ago) the AGL did not come weaping out of the fill hole on the transfer case where I had filled it. Does the fluid just settle to the lower part of the unit after you run it? I have no leaks and I just don’t really understand what’s going on.

Any advice or knowledge would be awesome!
Thanks everyone!

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