First off I’m not one that bitches and complains over parts failing. Overall I have been very happy with my 14 xp and now the 17 xpt. I’m very hard on machines and they have always surprised me on how they hold up. I get wear items need replacing etc. My complaint is things that shouldn’t fail do only because Polaris was sloppy and or lazy. Bolts behind primary shouldn’t back out, yet there is 20-30 page thread on it happening and still not getting addressed. Luckily I knew about that issue and fixed it before I destroyed my clutches. This next issue that I just ran into and left me stranded in the desert is the flywheel bolts sheared off. Turning the key and hearing the starter just spin isn’t something I wanted to hear. Sitting in the middle of nowhere without cell service or extra vehicle in sight was not a good feeling.

After a very far hike, I was able get service and call for someone to tow me back to the trailer. Upon getting home I did some research on the forum and found out this seems to be an issue with the 17 turbo models, and few 18s (might be too early if the 18s will have this issue also) . Since I’m out of warranty I’m stuck doing the work and honesty I would rather do it myself as I am a better mechanic than the dealers.

I pulled the flywheel/stator cover and could tell I had sheared bolts. I was very lucky to find the screw heads still behind the one way bearing and flywheel. I guess it happened at the perfect time and sheared as I tried to start it, just spun. I feel like if it would have started, the bolts could have been lost into the pan or into the timing chain. This could have been a catastrophic failure with the motor.

After buying a special tool to pull the stator, I was able to get to failed screws between the flywheel and stator. I pulled everything apart, cleaned and inspected. The screws had backed out due to NO LOCTITE!!!!!! A simple thing as a few drops of thread locker, just like on the clutch primary, could have been prevented! All in all I had to replace the one way bearing, (it was oblonged due to the back and forth of the starter), 3 screws, and cover gasket. I was able to clean up the rest of the other parts. Total cost was about 300. Something that shouldn’t have happened and could have been prevented. Pics are out of order for some reason. The new screw with the Oem thread locker is the new ones from Polaris. It has the factory locktite on it but feel it’s in the wrong location. I added red to all the screws to the tip to make sure they don’t come out again.

So you turbo guys, you might want to pull that cover and check those screws. Pull them and add thread locker minimum. Just my .02 cents.

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