I talked with a friend who had his XPT recall done in St George UT. It was done last month and he did not have any complaints. He went to the RZR rally in Sand Hollow last week and was having a greet time. He met up with the Polaris techs that were there and they offered to do the fan and clutch upgrades for him while he was there. While they were working on the clutch they noticed that the car still had the original turbo oil drain tube. The rep checked the computer and it showed that the dealer had done the recall work and billed Polaris accordingly. Needless to say the Polaris guys were beyond pissed that the dealer scammed them and a customer on a “Safety Recall”.
Moral of the story. Don’t just take the dealers word for it, grab a mirror on a stick and check for the new parts that are supposed to be installed, check for the paint marker lines like the recall letter described.
Especially if your recall work was done in St George UT. One lazy tech can make the whole dealership / manufacturer look bad.
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