I’m looking for a true expert in dealing with dust and snow in the cabin of a RZR (2011 and 2014. Both 800s).

I’m not talking about adding a windshield or other simple fixes for minor dust issues. That does a grand total of nothing when the dust is coming in through the floorboards and around the steering column, so please don’t even mention a windshield as a solution as I have a full windshield and cloth cab enclosure. The problem is the extra fine sand that sprays in like a fire hose from the floorboards and every tiny opening around the steering wheel and under the dash.

My goal is to take my elderly parents out in the summer or winter on the RZR’s but they simply cannot breathe with the fine sand (like baby powder) that floods the cabin. In the winter when I hit some powder which is about 8-inches deep it streams inside the same way.

Who out there is a jedi ninja of polaris rzr issues and can solve this problem?

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