I just spent Saturday at Sand Hollow, UT, testing out my new Eibach Stage 3 kit. And, all I can say is WOW!

Rock crawling is my thing, and I had noticed that my springs had drooped from 13.50 inches of clearance in the rear to less than 11. I’ve put a new roll cage with roof rack on, full 1/2 inch UHMW Ricochet skid plate with rock sliders, A-Arm and trailing arm protection, a winch in the front, a Ryfab box with tools and gear in it, Scissor lift, front a rear bumper, and various accessories. So, I was expecting the added weight to make a difference in ride height. And, my last rock crawling trip had me dragging my rear end over more things than I’d like, so I reached out to Ryan (rynomx875) for advice.

Ryan spent a lot of time with me making sure the Stage 3 kit was best move for me. Not only was I looking for a plush ride, but I also wanted to get my ride height back to where I needed it to be.

After I did the initial install, which was a breeze, I took my machine to a school parking lot by my house and drove over some cement parking spot dividers to settle in the suspension height. I was expecting some body roll while doing it because the stock springs are pretty stiff. To my great delight, there was hardly any body roll and the springs just absorbed the articulation.

I then went to Sand Hollow last weekend. There are spots where there are endless whoops where I usually need to slow way down and roller coaster them one at a time. Again, to my delight, I was able to keep my skinny pedal engaged! The car simply floated over the whoops while my suspension actually did its designed job! My only complaint was my face hurt at the end of the day from my constant smiling! The car was stable where in needed to be and plush when I wanted it to be. I am simply amazed with the transformation of the car and how much the ride could improve. Wow! And, I measured the ride height after a day of really running it pretty hard and the height hadn’t dropped one single iota.

And, I really want to give a shout out to Ryan, who checking in with me to make sure I understood the installation instructions, made sure I had the correct placement of the crossovers and preload for the best setup. And, he followed up with me after the install to make sure I was happy with everything.

There are a lot of ways to accomplish similar outcomes with suspension. But, I have to say that my experience with Ryan was excellent and I am very happy with the outcome of my setup!

Thanks, Ryan!

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