So I bought EVO ECU.

Paid for new ECU (over $800) and they sent me some used ECU all dirty that someone else had. I sent it back and they offered to send me new unit. They did.

I installed and went to Ocotillo Wells. With in 1/2 mile I had engine code. In 2 years never had engine code go off. Car would not run at all, the problem I left stock ECU at home and they ruined my weekend (stupid me).

I emailed EVO, Melissa told me to contact service. I’ve called 3 times and left messages. They have never reached out (yes, I spoke slow and left phone number). Check out the photo of the new ECU I ordered, looks not new to me.

This company has zero customer service and I’ve had nothing but problems with my ECU.

I would not recommend them or anything they have to offer to anyone.

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