I recently installed a clutch kit on my RZR it is extremely jerky and the engagement is not smooth at all. When I put it in gear it takes 2-3 good seconds before it will move forward or reverse. I bought the clutch because I thought I needed it but if I can’t get it figured out easily I am going to just put the stock clutch back on. I mostly rock crawl and trail ride. Is there a way to get the clutch to engage immediately like the stock clutch? I told EVO on the phone when I ordered it my tire size, trail use, etc and figured it would be sent with the proper set up. I have a box full of screws and no idea what is recommended for setup.

After looking on this forum it says they recommend no screws and red spring for a stage 3. That is exactly the way I installed it. I called them this morning but didn’t really get anywhere. If someone can recommend a tested a recommended setup I would really appreciate it. Any help at all would be appreciated.

2016 RZR Turbo
EVO Stage 3 tune
32″ Pro Armour XG Tires
Primarily rock crawl and trail ride

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