Hello all,

Long time no post here. I had a rzr years ago, but sold it in the 2011 timeframe to go back to quads.

I’m now looking at getting a rzr again, and specifically, an S 1000.

I was looking at 2017 leftovers, but my local dealer has a 2018 factory demo with 95 miles for 2.5k off new.

I spoke to a salesman and he said Polaris sent it to them with those miles on it and called it an advertising car. He didn’t know what they did while they were putting the 95 miles on it, but that it wasn’t abused or beat.

2.5k off for 95 miles seems like a no brainier to me, but wanted to see if anyone had any experiences buying such a car. Anything to watch out for? Too good to be true?



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