Hey, I’m looking for a heavy duty (billet) rack and pinion for my 2017 900S with a faster ratio like 1.5:1 or 2:1 ratio but pref a 2:1…. any one know any body who makes one?

Our riding group often rides some really narrow skinny trails that have a lot of really tight corners and a faster rack would make that soooo much better when at speed

I called Shock Therapy about their new 1.5:1 rack for the XP1000 and asked if would work on my 900S but the guy had no idea if it could work or not …. so did not get very far there, I don’t get it, they make one for the XP/turbo and Ranger but no 900S/1000S …who needs a race rack in a Ranger? The 900S/1000S is the same rack as the General too so there is kinda a void that desperately needs to be filled for all the other people.

I also talked to Weller racing as they make a really nice 2:1 rack for the Yamaha and have a more powerful EPS unit, they sounded interested in making a race rack for Polaris models as well so there may be some hope there ….but would be wayz down the road.

Any ways if there is any one out there that knows of a faster HD rack for us “Trail/Crawler Guys” that would be much appreciated

And to the site vendors who all ready make faster racks …. make one for the S models already please, got a pile of cash sitting here waiting for one:grin

Before any one brings it up, not a fan of steering quickeners I’ve tried them before but really want a stronger faster rack


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