About 6 weeks ago we attend a Trucks Gone Wild event at a mud park here close to our home town, Taylor County Boondocks. We were there for the start, Thursday, till Saturday around 2pm. We just finished watching the race trucks and went to watch the big mud trucks at the large water hole. Trying to find a place to park was hard but trying to just get around was harder. But after driving around we found a spot on the dam of the water hole to park. A place we went up and down 1/2 a dozen times throughout the weekend. 1st attempt up the dirt hill was a failure, 2nd also. On the 3rd I gave it just a little more gas. Nothing crazy, I don’t drive that way. I cut loose and cut up, but I do not go crazy. Upon goin up the hill on the 3rd attempt the rzr took a bounce and began to roll over backwards. I tried to get it into reverse, but I’m guess it being in such a bind I couldn’t get the shifter to move. At this point I realize the rzr is at that point of no return. So I grab my gf, and do everything I can to hold her down as the rzr rolls backwards. I remember hitting the ground opening my eyes and seeing the rzr’s roll cage coming at my head. Next thing I remember is seeing lots of feet and the weight being lifted off me.

Now my rzr is a 2015 highlifter 1000 2 seater. It has the 3-5” lift 4” portals and 37.5” tires, I’ll post a picture. It has a aftermarket OutKast cage. But no roof. I have never been big into wearing my seat belt. And wasn’t this day. It was strapped behind me, so the rzr would go over 15 mph. My gf usually wears hers, but this day she wasn’t. We weren’t goin fast. Hell you could do to the amount of people there.

Once the rzr was off of me I remember hearing Amanda , my gf, screaming. That’s all I heard. And I began to trying to get up but couldn’t. Blood was pouring out of my mouth and face I couldn’t breathe and I hear people telling me just lay down!! I yell to Amanda, are you okay?! People, strangers and friends are telling she’s fine just lay down. I can’t cause of the blood coming outta my mouth I would have drowned. The EMT’s get there and strap me to a back board and rush me and Amanda to the park entrance where I get put in a ambulance and am taken to a air strip about 1.5 miles away where the helicopter awaited. Amanda is rushed to Macon’s medical center, as am I but by air. We get there at the same time…. she told me that when they were pulling in the she seen the helicopter coming into land on the building. I don’t remember landing I don’t remember much of anything else.

After one week in ICU I was about to go into surgery. They needed the swelling to go down. One I was out of surgery I spent a week on the trauma floor. I am now home.

Now to the extent of my injuries:

Broken nose
Broken rib
Fractured every bone in my face
Shattered my right cheek bone
Collapsed left lung
Broke my entire jaw off, both sides

Doesn’t seem like much. But let me tell you at 27 years old I truly have taken the worse ass whooping in my life. My surgery took 6 hours and that was 4 weeks ago and I still don’t recognize myself. I can’t hear out of my right ear. My right eye I see double out of. And my entire right side of my face is numb. My jaw is wired shut, I have a feeding tube, I’ve never been this sore in my life.

As for Amanda I can’t say much on her injuries for she escaped almost untouched. Some extensive bruising and a horrible memory little soreness and she was right as rain in a few days. She never left my side through this entire ordeal. Every night that I woke up she was there. Every time I woke she was there. Asking me what do you need, are you okay. She still does this btw. I’ve began to tell her your goin to leave me alone today. But guys she is fine and has taken care of me everyday. I couldn’t ask for a better woman!!!

I’m writing this to hopefully change someone’s life! I hope that my story will be seen or heard and make someone buy those over priced harnesses like I neglected to. I hope it makes someone spend the extra money and by a good cage. Don’t chop that pos stock ones. Put the roof on it. Don’t skimp on the safety just to have a loud radio. I put off the roof. I put off the harnesses. Don’t do it guys it’s not worth the hospital bills it’s not worth your mom, wife, kids, father anyone getting that phone call saying your headed to the hospital by helicopter. Buy the right gear. Use it! I didn’t and I’m still out of work. My mouth is still wired shut. I have to eat anything I can get through a straw! ITS NOT WORTH IT!!!!

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