Hello I’m new to the forums here. I am looking to possibly purchase a RZR but wanted to ask a few questions to you hardcore experts first. I did have a RZR back in the day when they very first came out. I think it was a 2008. Sold it after a few years because we lost our riding ground. Looking to buy one again and it will be used to put a cab on with heat for winter snow plowing, goofing around on the 14 acres I bought and on my buddies 80 acres, and small work chores around the house. I already have a tractor with a loader bucket for working and dump wagons and what not. So I have the following questions:

1. I’m having a hard time finding much info on a 3 person front bench seat for these RZR’s. I can only find 2. One made by Dragonfire and the other made by Triple X. I’m trying to determine if these bench seats are big enough for 2 125 lbs adult women and 175 lb man. I may be more interested in the Dragonfire one because the Triple X middle seat has a 3 point harness for what looks like a smaller person will the Dragonfire has a lap belt in the middle. Will these seats accommodate us comfortably or will it be tight and crammed? What is the actual seat width after taking the lipped up edges out of the calculation?

2. It looks like I will try to find a good used 800. Without considering special editions and what not, can someone tell me what the major changes have been over the years to the 800cc RZR and what years they made these changes?

3. I’m also considering the Ranger 800 or 900, but I’m afraid I will not be able to “play” with it. For you guys that have owned both or ride with guys that have Rangers, what seems to be the major difference in how you can use the machines to play? For example, if there’s some snow, I want to be able to rip a doughnut. Will a Ranger do that? If I want to hop up over a creek bank, will the Ranger make it if the RZR does? Etc. I feel like the Ranger gives me the dump bed but I already have a tractor with a loader on it.


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