Hey guys, I’m at 15 hours and started to do an oil change.

I accidentally drained the rear gear case, or I guess it’s called the transmission oil. When I drained this I noticed the magnet on the plug had a decent amount of metal on it. I drained the front and it looked exactly the same. I wanted to know if this is pretty normal? And if it is normal why is the recommended fluid change for these 100hrs? With this much metal I would think changing it in the 1st 25hrs would be a better choice.

Heres a video…

As far as fluid to put back in it says Transmission is “AGL gearcase lube and tranny fluid” & front gear case is “Demand Drive Fluid”. Can I get this at Autozone or are these dealer fluids?

As far as the engine oil I’m running the Rotella T6 5w-40 because I run it in all my diesel trucks and 4 wheelers and I always have it on hand.

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