According to my owners manual that you need to change the oil and the fluids at 800km. I called a local dealership and told them I am soon due for a oil and fluid change and the person asked me how many engine hours do I have on my RZR, I have 36 hours on it. The person told me to wait until I reach a total of 50 engine hours then I can change all the fluids. Is this normal? Does the oil and fluid life actually go by engine hours and not km? If so wouldn’t that mean the owners manual is actually written wrong?

Another question, when changing out the fluids what do I actually need? Engine oil, engine oil filter, new air filter (It was recommended to me to buy the K&M reusable air filter, any one have any opinions on that suggestion?), is there any other fluids or things I need to do for the first oil and fluid change at “50 engine hours”?

Curtis 🙂

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