I have a rzr 570 that makes a LOT of heat behind the seats. The center section of the removable hatch gets so hot it can actually burn you, and has even gotten soft and bowed. I made a simple cover out of .020 stainless I had laying around. My intention was to cover it with some stick on insulation but it turned out to be unnecessary. The stainless reflects the heat more than I could have ever hoped. I used a piece 25″x 10″ with a 3/4″ lip bent on the bottom to keep it stiff. I trimmed the edge off on each end so it would sit tight against the plastic, then put a screw in the plastic at each side just to support the stainless, then I slip the stainless up under the edge of the upper plastic, set it on the screws and reinstall the plastic hatch. It’s quick and easy to remove and requires no tools. Cheap fix that works better than I had hoped. Oh, DON’T use aluminum, I think it would absorb too much heat. Hope this helps someone.

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