Obviously the Turbo S has the “long travel” suspension and a 72″ stance, 32″ tires on different wheels, Live Valve Fox Shocks, Ride Command, and LED “fangs”, different ROPS (cage), but what else is different?

  • Is the “lower” portion of the frame actually different?
  • Is the S front diff different than the “base” turbo?
  • Are the motor, trans, clutch and front driveshaft themselves the same on any Turbo?

The heart of my question is that I’m looking to pick up a ’19 XP4 Turbo of some sort soon and do a bit of a “build.” I’m debating between a Turbo S, or just getting a “base” Turbo and putting an HCR Long Travel on it. The latter option comes in slightly more expensive, especially when you consider you’re not getting the Ride Command. Still, the quality and ride of the HCR setup is far superior to the factory Turbo S. But what else would I be missing? I’d be doing cage, wheels/tires, and all that stuff on either one – so I’m not really worried about differences there. But are there other meaningful structural or mechanical improvements in the S?


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