I’m new to the RZR forum and RZR world. Just bought my new to me 2013 900 zp and the fuel gauge is stuck at 1/4 tank.

I found the problem but wonder if any if you have seen this and what was your fix?

I chased the sparks with ohm/volt meter and electricity is making the trip.

So today I pulled the fuel pump out and found that the filter on the bottom of the pump is NOT flattened against the bottom of the tank, but curled up and when the float went low enough it hung on the curled up filter.

I straightened the filter and when I put the pump back in the tank it seems the filter is hitting a curve in the bottom of the tank and it pushes the filter up, which will allow the float to hang again when fuel level goes down to about 1/4 tank.

What’s the fix? Will the filter turn so as not to hot that curve in the tank? As long as I don’t allow the fuel to get down to 1/4 tank it’ll work fine, but I’m sure that’s not what Polaris designed!

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