So I was pondering today on my drive to a jobsite, I have turn signals on my rzr but I really hate the switch( look, location, well everything about it). I’ve though about getting one of those universal column mount levers, but it dont want to just keep bolting random chunks on. Then it hit me, what if I could replace the shift knob with something that had the resemblance of a 5 button joy stick. 4 to be selected by the thumb and of course a trigger. I remember seeing a knob with winch controls( 1 switch for trigger finger), and one with plow conrtrols ( 4 buttons on top).…/dp/b004lv21xi

Glacier Pro Power Controller | Polaris RANGER

Has anyone put one on for the intended purpose? How are they?

Any ideas about rewiring to operate turn signals, or other accessories?

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