So I’ve had my new rzr for about a month now and have around 15 hours and a couple hundred miles on it, and so far I couldn’t be happier with it. However after reading the recent treads about the poor customer service and all the mechanical issues the new rzrs seems to have, I have been wondering if I made a mistake. I know for sure that if I would have come to this forum first, I would have done a whole lot more research on the competitor’s machines (are you listening Polaris?) and would not have been so quick to purchase one of yours.

I know that on a lot of the online forums and review sites most of the satisfied customers never post their good results, and it is the complaints that get most of the print, but seriously, loose bolts in the primary taking a year to resolve? And then giving the customer the run-around? B.S !! So now I gotta pull my clutch and check factory installed bolts (build date 6/20/17) just for a little peace of mind? This isn’t right.

Anyway, got my fingers crossed now…. someone tell me something good!! :smile

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