So I have had my RZR 1K 4 For about a year now. Everything was good tell about when I had about 1000 miles on it. Then my speedometer started to go crazy. It would go from 0 to 120+Then bake to 0 and would only work half the time. Sometimes it will just cut out for like 2 seconds and start going again, mostly going up hills and when you need the power the most. Check engine light will come on. Then later It would do this and then the power steering light would come on and no power steering. Thought the recall would fix these problems. Took It in and had the recall done. Went last weekend and It seemed better at first. Wrong! The speedometer still doing the same thing. The check engine light does not come that much But it does. Power steering did go out for a couple seconds, but came back after that. Any help would be so cool! Thanks in advanced!!!
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