Just a heads up. I was at HM riding the trails and all of a sudden I noticed my pedal was really soft and almost no brakes. In less than a minute brake pedal all the way to the floor and no brakes at all.

Fortunately we had just come down to level ground, got out to see what happened, and on the right front the brake line was up against the rim and had rubbed a hole thru it. Few miles down trail I was able to get some brake fluid. Clamped the damaged line shut with a vice grip which then gave me 3 wheel braking and got the rig back to camp.

Now let me tell you if it would have happened few miles back coming down some of those Hatfield McCoy steep downhill black trails, not sure I’d be in to good a shape.

Not complaining, or blaming Polaris here, but sh!t does and will happen. I know I will forever more keep a close eye on brake line chaffing. I know I never would have thought the brakes can go that quick.

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