I rolled the dice and bought a set of used Bandit first gen 46 series shocks for my 570 that a member here was selling. I liked the fact that I could still use the rear swaybar with these remote reservoir shocks over the new style, more adjustments, and of course, lower price. The seller said they were rebuilt and maybe they were, but I had the nitrogen checked and they were all very low so I had them all filled to 130 psi as Bandit suggested. Then I installed them and set the preload and went for my first ride and one front shock is now leaking oil badly. I’ve been trying to find directions on how to rebuild these with no luck. Has anyone here done it or can you direct me to a video or something that explains the process? I asked Bandit and got a quick and polite response, but was told they don’t have anything. I do ALL my repair work, so I will be doing this one way or another but it would be nice to know what I’m getting into before I start. Thanks for any help you can offer.

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