Recently bought a 2008 rzr 800. Everything shifted fine when I got it but P wouldn’t show up on the display. I read it could be a cable adjustment. Well, turns out it wasn’t and when I tried to adjust it the cable broke. So, I replace the cable and now I can’t get it adjusted correctly.

It’s mostly high gear, it doesn’t want to go in high gear unless I really slam it, and even when it does it will slip out of gear and make a grinding noise.

I’ve read a lot about adjusting but just can’t get it. It seems no matter how I adjust it it won’t pull the shifter far enough forward to get it into high.

I disconnected the cable and drove it in all gears to make sure it’s not an internal problem. It drive perfect in all gears so it’s got to be the cable. I did buy a OEM cable.

Any thoughts? I’ve seriously adjusted it about 20 different positions and can’t get it. Any help is appreciated.

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