I took my first trip to Little Sahara this past Saturday. It being my first trip to these dunes, it being 2:00 in the afternoon with sun high and no shadows on the dunes, and wind blowing for the last week, so no tracks anywhere, I was being pretty cautious, but moving along and having a good time.
I came up and over a small roller and could see a RZR sitting to the left at the base of long tall dune. I did a double take and looked as if someone could be leaning over the steering wheel. I figured I’d go over and see if some one needed a hand. As I closer I realized the RZR had rolled from the top of the dune. Now I was really hoping there wasn’t actually somene inside. When I rolled up on it I was relieved to see someone had thrown one of the flags into the driver seat and from a distance it just appeared someone was inside. No one was.
As a matter of fact, no one was anywhere. It was a very strange thing to see. RZR has a Colorado OHV sticker and a utah temporary OHV sticker. I was wondering if anyone may know what happened, and if anyone may know if the occupants are alright. It would put my mind to rest to know that whoever was involved is safe somewhere.

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