I’ve been a little MIA the last month or so – we took a long road trip to Yellowstone, Idaho, Seattle and down PCH 1 to the redwoods and back to Texas. 4 adults, 7 kids aged 2-10 in an RV – A lot of fun, but exhausting πŸ™‚

The day we returned Harvey struck our part of the world. :surprise

I spent the better part of the next week helping with evacuations in Houston and Port Arthur – in Houston water currents were too strong for our equipment – rivers had overflowed their banks and were *rushing* to the Gulf – white water rapids, only 3, 6, 8+ feet deep in places. Getting from Houston to Beaumont, normally 70-90 minutes, took us nearly 9 hours Tuesday night as Harvey refocused on my hometown.

I spent the next few days working with the Coast Guard, National Guard, Cajun Navy and local first responders in the evacuation effort – water was slower moving and in general 2-5 feet deep in the areas I worked in, so I left the boat on the trailer and use the Highlifter to ferry people to safety – even towed a Coast Guard boat a mile or so – the boats/engines they brought were too large for the shallower water of 3-4 feet or so we were mostly in, so the 4 Coastguardsmen were pushing it/pulling it with ropes. We tied on, pulled the boat down the service road about a mile or so to deeper water in another area – I’d loved to have a shot of that πŸ˜€

Toward the end, we cruised neighborhoods looking for stragglers – ferried out families, pets, whatever – scenes were crazy as everyone did what they could to rescue as many as possible. People trudging through 4 feet of water with everything they now own fitting in a large trash can or air mattress πŸ™

The Polaris Highlifter 4 seater performed flawlessly – being submerged up to our chins at times, 30-60 minutes at a time, it never once hiccuped. I’m attaching a few photos from one day, my phone was ruined being submerged too long (ruined my truck too :/) People would see us coming, I’d offer a ride THEN warn them “now, you’re gonna get wet!” πŸ˜€ They’d climb in anyway, not knowing when the next one would come along.

One of the attachments shows about 3-5″ of water flowing over the dash, we were in 4-4.5 feet of water at that time going through a neighborhood.

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