Hey fellas, anyone have a good wiring schematic for a 2011 RZR 800? I’ve looked and looked and can’t find one. I had a link to a manual but the link doesn’t work anymore. I’m trying to diagnose a buddys RZR that will not strat.

Switch does not seem to be powering up the accessories or starter relay. I eliminated the switch by trying mine. I’d like to find a complete schematic so i can trace down where I’m losing power. I have B+ on the red wire but when I turn the key on it drops to roughly 2v. I fused jumped a wire to the ignition switch plug and can get it to turn over and get the accessories/fuel pump to work but the switch does not seem to be able to do it for some reason. I belive the red wire is supposed to fire up the other circuits through the switch but need a schematic to know what I’m dealing with. If you have a schematic i’d greatly appreciate it.


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