Hey all I am pretty new to these RZR Forums. But I wanted to share this with anyone considering the Click 6 system and a do it yourself install.
I just did the install on my 2016 900 Trail and I made a couple mistakes that could save you some time.
First off: The instructions are Generic and some of the instructions do not apply.
My issue was the removal of the OEM Lower seat belt retractor. Removal of the Nyloc nut is a little difficult and frustrating to get to with Plastics. On the drivers side I spent a bunch of time removing the plastics. You do not need to do the if you have a short 19mm socket and a small headed 3/8 ratchet.
You will need 16mm socket and open/boxed wrench a 19mm socket and wrench a 13mm Socket a Torx set. The pliers in your OEM tool kit has a groove built into it to aid in Push Pin removal but do yourself a favor and buy a bag of replacement Push Pins because you will likely damage a couple.
There is No modification needed if you have the OEM cage.
Good luck and I hope this helps.
When you get frustrated and think you have to remove the side panels. Take a breath and get in there
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