So bought my rzr s back in Aug 2011, and have had it ever since. FF till today, well mainly this year, and now with all the stupid 800 issues I’ve had me and the misses feel it’s time for a new machine.

Kind of sucks, I’ve finally got my S build to where I wanted it after all these years, but am still nervous after doing the rear diff replacement, and not wanting to do it again (thanks for that design Polaris). Specs on my machine:
2011 800s – Sach shocks
2″ RT lift, S ATV high clearance and offset arms, 30″ zillas, PRP suspension seat, Proarmor harnesses, 4k Motoalliance winch – believe that’s the biggest of the mods.

Here’s what we have been using our current 800s for. Pulling my little dump trailer for landscaping, plowing in winter – around our house.
Trail riding ranges from deep mud, sandy, hardpack trails, dirt trails, fire roads for bird hunting. We have yet to find a trail that is limited in width (IE atv trails – 50″).

Lately was leaning towards General Deluxe, but also slightly debating HL?
Thinking General is in the lead, mainly for the dump bed and turf mode. Also hearing the HL rides a little stiffer compared to XP 1000 suspension, and lately was leaning towards the HL. Its not like we are deep mud all the time, but of that last few trips, we’ve put or 30″ tires to the test.

Price wise been finding both for around 19-21k. Might just end up trading my 800s in, and yep I know I will take a hit, but part of me would also hate to sell it privately and have rear diff fail on them. And yeah technically same thing would happen if dealer sells it, but would rather them have to potential deal with buyer and not myself.

Did some google foo on this and found some helpful info, but figured I would try it again and see what you all think.

Or should I also be looking at a XP1000 as well?

If I went General route – would plan on upgrading to 30″ tires
On the HL – would probably go a more “tame” 30″ tire, of big horns maybe?

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