The floorboards are a weak area on Polaris RZR’s as they are fabricated from a hard plastic. In trails a large stick or rock can come through the floorboards and do some serious damage to a humans feet. There have been cases where this has happened. My #1 goal is to not get seriously injured when I ride along with anyone else.

These guards are the best I have found and are laser cut aluminum. They can be installed with 1 of 3 fasteners: inserts, clamps, or self tapping screws. I chose clamps as no holes have to be drilled in the tubes. They are light weight, but they are strong. They do an excellent job of covering both sides on the wheel wells and the drivers side also protects the plastic brake fluid reservoir from any damage.

They can be purchased in black and colors to match your RZR.

There is also a good installation video on YouTube.

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