2009 RZR 800 with 2400 miles on it, lightly used. The local Polaris dealer has been charging me (each 50 hours or so) to change fluids, including engine and transmission, plus plugs and air filter. With labor at $99/hour it comes to around $280.

Machine has been pretty reliable. They are now “recommending” I expand my maintenance to include all the above plus an “tear-down and inspection” of the transmission, which would cost about $400. I’m in S. Nevada and use the machine in the winter and it spends all summer sitting in a garage that regularly hits 100 degrees in the hottest months.

My suspicion is that this suggestion is totally motivated by the dealer’s service department bottom line. I’ve had the machine since it was new (bought in 2010) but have no idea about this.

I’d appreciate your suggestions – what do you guys think?

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