I just wanted to give ISOTA a shoutout. I ordered a cargo box and a T-shirt from them a couple weeks ago. I received the box and didn’t get the shirt. I sent them an email and immediately got a response. They apologized and I had a nice conversation with them telling them how awesome their box was. A couple days later I got my shirt along with a bunch of ISOTA swag. Even a hand written note apologizing. Guys, I don’t normally post stuff like this but I feel like when a company goes above and beyond like this other people should know. This says a lot about a company and in todays times companies like this are rare. I’ve bought a lot of stuff from a lot of places over the years and been aggravated many times but when I got this package in the mail today it made my day. Kudos to ISOTA. They will continue to get my business and anyone else I can send their way. Also, on a side note, their box is absolutely top notch.

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