You folks on the forum are one my favorite presents! :clap::clap: Thank you for making me feel like a valued member since I joined! I appreciate the Comradery, great knowledge to be gained and the entertainment! Today is the Silver Anniversary of my 39th birthday and I am staying there! You do the math…:rofl3:

My wife gave me mushy card a pile of cash on Saturday night when we went out to dinner and said spend it on anything I want. Sweet!! So I ordered for both of us the new helmets I have been wanting. I got the Airoh TRR for us. I know Frank wears this same helmet and my buddy Pat (Bimmerdog) has a full face Airoh. They are extremely light weight and have amazing ventilation. I used BurnOutItaly who has them on sale. They shipped in less than 24 hours and for $10 extra I chose the priority shipping. I got an email this morning that they are to be delivered to my home by noon on Thursday. From Palermo, Italy! That is impressive. I will post up some photos this weekend once I get to open them up.

Happy holidays to all of you!


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